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Our coffee specialties for your event or your trade show


We have a vast range of coffee makers, so we can offer the perfect coffee maker for any event. We are flexible so we can adapt to nearly all local circumstances.
Offer your customers and guests a unique pleasure and enhance your event or trade show booth through our excellent coffee specialties.
We will be happy to advise you so you can make a personal decision about what suits you best.

Grace & taste

Our coffee specialties

For our coffee specialties we only use coffee beans from our coffee roasting house Catimor ( All beans are from fair or direct trade.
The high-quality espresso and coffee beans as well as the milk are already included in our cup prices.
Treat your guests and staff to international coffee specialties, such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso or café au lait.
Upon request we also serve pastries with our coffee specialties.

All our automatic coffee machines are easy to use and clean. Filter holder coffee makers will only be provided with our trained personnel.
Our baristas who have been trained in the “art of latte” will be happy to serve you.

Additional information can be found at or in our presentation (PDF)

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