For an event this is guaranteed to be a success

and perfect pleasure. Our unique trade show and event highlight


Enjoy our cigar lounge event with your guests.
Enjoy our cigar lounge event – an absolute highlight of pleasurable smoking in style.
We will create the perfect atmosphere around pleasurable smoking in style.
A carefully selected cigar roller will make premium cigars for you and your customers the traditional way. He will be accompanied by a cigar connoisseur who will tell you about cigar making in a fascinating way.
We will make your cigar lounge event a special experience. Your customers will not only be excited about our cigar connoisseurs and torcedores, but they will also enjoy the cigars rolled for them right there.

Passion & style

Our cigar lounge

Our cigar roller will make premium cigars right before your eyes. The torcedor or tabaquero, which are Spanish terms for cigar rollers, will be accompanied by our cigar connoisseur who will tell you all about cigar making while the cigars are rolled.
So you will learn the secrets of cigar making at the same time.
Of course the guests at your event will be welcome to make their own cigar with professional assistance.

Our cigar connoisseur will guarantee a professional presentation and tell you all about correct cutting and the proper methods of lighting a cigar. You will learn about the raw tobaccos used, various cigar shapes and rituals of cigar smoking. As needed there will also be perfectly matured cigars from a professional cigar humidor, together with the cigars rolled right there, so your guests can enjoy both.

We will be happy to create cigars with your logo.

Create the perfect setting of your stylish cigar lounge even by having a special edition of premium cigars. As a producer of exclusive private label cigars we can offer you long filler cigars that are entirely handmade – with personalized bands and cigar boxes with personalized labels.

We have all necessary decoration and accessories, such as humidors, cigar books, decoration items, a video presentation, cigar ashtrays, lighters, matches and cigar cutters. You can rent additional lounge furniture as needed.

We will be happy to brand lighters, cutters and ashtrays of your choice made by S.T. Dupont with your logo.

Additional information can be found at or in our presentation (PDF).


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