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Unique highlights for your trade show presentation

Exhibitor parties and booth highlights

Besides the usual service for trade show booths we have specialized in “special events” for trade show booths over the years. We create a unique atmosphere and help you forget daily trade show business for a few moments.
Whether it is booth party concepts with matching food and drinks, professional show barkeepers and cigar rolling events – there are almost no limits to your desires.
We know our job and we would be happy to convince you of this.

unique and individual

Event and trade show concepts

trade show events will help you make a lasting impression, that’s for sure. Whether this concerns your customers, partners, guests and your own team, of course, they will all talk about you.

The advantages of any kind of trade show event. A relaxed “after work party” or a booth party with cocktails and music, it is all up to you.

Your potential customers will already be there anyway. Now all you have to do is get them to visit your booth. By providing such events you will not just receive a lot of attention but also make potential customers business partners – and you can accomplish all this in a relaxed atmosphere over a drink.

A targeted event will not just get attention from potential customers but you will also gain a positive leading edge on your competitors.

It will be our job to present your company, your products and services in a perfect way, creating an impressive trade show highlight in the framework you determine.
After a successful event you may expect sustained results, and you will create a high recognition value for future events.

Additional information can be found at in our presentation (PDF).


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